Meet Lauren

I am a native Hoosier with a traditional Midwest upbringing. I am a third-generation immigrant of Mexican and middle-eastern parents who grew up on the west side of Indianapolis. I completed my degree at IUPUI in Communications Studies. I then went to the University of Indianapolis, where I earned my MBA in Marketing. While completing my masters, I interned with the Indiana University School of Medicine in the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development and served at Shula's Steakhouse. I was later hired full-time as the Technology and Marketing Coordinator for the Department of Emergency Medicine. During this time, I led a website redevelopment project, managed our technology budget, inventory, and maintenance. I worked in a complex healthcare and education organization navigating IU Health, Eskenazi, Indiana University, Indiana Emergency Medical Services, and Regenstrief systems and IT. I understand how to work in complex environments and the importance of organization and data management. I know this is a skill that will translate directly to the treasurer position.

In 2018 and I took a position with a managing general agent and wholesale insurance broker called Arlington/Roe. I built an integrated project management system to track and task all marketing assignments and led an information architecture project for the website redevelopment. An opportunity to work back at Indiana University opened up, this time at the School of Social Work as their Communications and Marketing Director. I currently manage and oversee our marketing budget. I am very methodical and organized. I work daily with reports, numbers, and data to make the best decisions. I pride myself on finding efficiencies, improving technologies, and providing transparency in communications.

Something I am passionate about is raising mental health awareness. This is a hard time for our country. This pandemic will have lasting impacts on our mental health, but there will come a day when the pandemic ends, and we must come together to build each other back up. As your Boone County Treasurer, I will serve you, the taxpayers, to make things easier and more accessible. I will communicate our tax processes, deadlines, and how we are spending our money. I will keep you informed so we can make the best decisions and build a better future

What box do I check? Yes, I am Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish and yes, I am white. I live in both worlds. I am proud to be a Mexican American. Latinos make up about 18% of the US population and yet we have a political representation rate of 1.2% in local, state, and federal elected offices. I am running for Treasurer because I know I can do this job and do it well. I want to help bring us together, I want to work alongside those who are different than me to make the best decisions for our county. I am also running to be another voice for an underrepresented community that has been disproportionally hit during this time.

Motherhood came unexpectedly for me. I was single and pregnant with a baby girl, something I always dreamed of, but it was hard to get excited. I knew my career and future education dreams would have to wait. In July 2015, my daughter Alice James (AJ), named after my late grandmother and godfather, was born, and she changed my world and stole my heart.

My whole family gathered around me during that time to support me. I know so many single mothers do not have this type of support. I then met my husband, and after we were married, he adopted AJ. I am a working mom. I carry my mom guilt with me. I want to be everything to everybody. I want to be around for every milestone my children have, but I also want to help make the world better. I am determined to do both. 

I decided to run for Treasurer for our community and our children. If we want a future where our daughters can hold elected office, are active in the community, and bring good into this world, then we must begin to do those things.